7 Reasons why you need a website to build a long term successful business

You probably already know the importance of a social media presence for a business in today’s connected world and how it can impact your growth and sales, but what about a website? Does it have the same impact as a curated Instagram feed for emerging businesses?

Today we want to give you and other entrepreneurs 7 reasons why it’s so important to have a website to build a long term successful business and how it will help you automate some tedious tasks.

People making a website

#1 You have complete control

Even with social media, your website is the number one marketing tool you will have. Without it, your business processes will only get more complicated (sales, inventory, customer rewards, coupons…)

Word of mouth is important, but it can only do so much if you don’t have an online presence.

It will also give you more control on how to market yourself based on your needs as a small business owner.

#2 24/7 promotional tool

An online presence it’s essential nowadays because your competitors are across the world, not just in your city.

Having a robust website will provide advantages over old businesses and a free 24/7 tool that will promote your company while you’re sleeping if you have a good SEO strategy.

#3 Better organic reach through SEO

Just because you have a beautiful social media profile doesn’t mean customers will come flocking to you.

People need to be able to find you, and if you don’t have a website, you’re losing traffic through organic search and giving away potential customers to your competitors.

This also applies to social media, most of them work as a search engine with extra features, so you need to optimize your profile texts to reach an even bigger audience.

#4 Differentiation from competitors

If you look through your niche competitors and their websites, you will quickly see that a lot of them probably share similar designs.

This means you can use your competitor’s web design and structure to your advantage, if you know what’s already working you can grow your brand faster and will be able to have a clear vision on what your website should include.

Or you can go opposite ways and differentiate yourself from your competitors by innovating with your website.

#5 It helps you increase customer trust

With the rise of online shopping and scams, it’s really important to build an authentic brand that customers can rely on.

A professional website will help increase that trust, along with certain sections that focus on communicating your brand values and the way the public thinks about you.

People making a website

#6 Better customer support

Websites are not only a good way to reach more people, but also to let them communicate with you.

You can have a contact form in your website, so they can send you questions or a call button if you prefer to talk directly with them.

You can even have a chat integrated in your website that will help you improve customer support, answer their questions faster and with time transform visitors into customers.

#7 An online home for your business

An online presence can help you earn more, but if you don’t have one you’re just leaving money on the table, because you don’t have a place to send your customers to.

So, let’s repeat the first point of this article, reaching a bigger audience means you can reach people on a global scale instead of just in your town.

By now, you should have enough reasons to need a website for the long-term success of your business, so what are you waiting for?

Start today empowering your online business giving it the website it deserves.