Why are Google reviews so important for your business?

As humans, the first thing we do is trust what the community says. If everyone talks badly about a product, you are almost certainly not going to buy it.

For many years and like we mentioned in our latest article, Google My Business incorporated a rating tool.

As a result, the community would be able to determine how good a site, place, product, or service is.

Local business owner

So, what are Google reviews used for?

Google reviews are vital for both the consumer and business.  For users, it can be used to decide whether to buy a service or product. As for the business behind it, it lets them communicate with their customers and improve their service.

In essence, Google reviews give a quick overview of how good a business’s product or service is.

Who can write reviews on Google?

Google allows anyone to write reviews for free.

You don’t even need to have visited a business physically to leave a review. Even though Google knows perfectly well if we have been or not.

Google reviews also have an alternative version called Google Local Guides.

What are Google Local Guides?

If you want to make informed decisions in any area of life, you should consult sources that are trustworthy or legitimate, or at least with sufficient experience.

Local Guides are people who theoretically have first-hand knowledge of a product, service, or place and have an objective opinion of it. The more reviews a business has on Google, the better it appears in the search engine results.

It is not the same to believe a user who has rated hundreds of places or similar products versus a person who is giving a negative review for the first time. Having Google reviews of local guides makes your local search visibility stronger.

Is there a way to improve my Google reviews?

That’s right. There are several examples of strategies applicable to each situation. You can contact trusted clients and give them access to write reviews, or you can conduct internal promotions.

Additionally, you can contact those who have left you a negative rating to persuade them to reconsider and convert it into a positive one.

Well-managed businesses that are committed to digitization and online customer service can increase sales thanks to Google reviews.

No business should be allowed to stop selling a product or service because of negative reviews.

Reviews on Google are the ‘word of mouth’ of the 21st century

Logically speaking, it makes sense. Google reviews are the word of mouth of the 21st century.

Until a few decades ago, before the internet, we blindly trusted what third parties said about the quality of a product or service.

In the internet age, we do the same. This is a very human attitude, since we understand that the person expressing the opinion has no special motive, only to express the experience in an objective manner.

Conclusion on the importance of Google reviews

Robots’ point of view.

Google reviews are quite important for improving positioning. If there are a high number of users leaving opinions, Google’s robots understand that the content is relevant and can be positioned higher.

Moreover, a high number of reviews on Google demonstrates relevance, as this fact generates user interest and traffic to the site.

The algorithm indicates that the more people go to a place, the more interesting it is.

Humans’ point of view

It is very decisive because we always take into account the opinions of third parties.

A higher score and more participants is better. It is common to take into account the number of reviews and the average rating.

In other words, a restaurant with 3 reviews and a 5-star rating is not the same as one with more than 4000 reviews on Google and a score of 4.7.

In the second case, the score is lower, but I would not hesitate for a second to choose it.

Polax offers our clients the most appropriate solutions for each situation, so if you want to increase your SEO positioning through Google reviews and other strategies, feel free to contact us.