Why bother with website maintenance and management?

Have you visited a competitor’s website only to find out everything’s broken? Elements falling out of place, links not working, security errors that break the layout… We can agree that’s something you don’t want to happen to your business website.

Even if it’s your competitor and not your website, I’m sure we’ve all felt how frustrating it is to be met with an error while you are trying to read or buy something.

Making a website.png

You don’t build a website for your business once and then it’s done. Regardless of how well-developed or how modern and up-to-date your website may be, you need to maintain and manage it post-launch.

Your website needs attention and you must ensure that nothing falls over unexpectedly, just like a garden. Additionally, the best security is to keep your website up-to-date. WordPress sites are especially prone to this issue, since many people forget to update them.

Website maintenance is a critical part of keeping your business online and in shape.

Every error that arises, from outdated plugins to JavaScript errors, could lead to a broken layout. You’ll need to check on your site on a regular basis just to ensure that it’s running smoothly. There’s nothing worse than a site that looks like it’s falling apart.

With website maintenance comes website management, which entails managing content and assets to ensure that everything is optimized and working as efficiently as possible. It’s the same with any CMS such as WordPress, where you will want to make sure that you upload the smallest images you can so that your website is as fast as the day it was built.

Nobody wants to see a typo on the home page of their online business, right? The content on your site is just as important as ensuring the website is secure and robust.

Our website administration includes copywriting (adding blog posts, events, and news) to improve the ranking of your site and maintaining the design to keep your brand fresh. You can let us know if your form needs to be updated or add a new one.

All Polax clients can take advantage of our website maintenance service. Our team has years of experience managing custom and WordPress sites, and we take pride in keeping your website secure, fast, and up-to-date.

They also include security updates, speed tests, functionality tests, tweaks and fixes, and responsive tests and fixes. If that’s something you would like for your business, feel free to contact us.