5 Tips on design and SEO to rank better on Google

A lack of proper search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most common problems for emerging businesses. Which business doesn’t want to appear on the first page of Google results?

However, this isn’t as simple as it looks. That’s why today we want to share with you some tips and tricks we use with our clients to take their SEO game to the next level.


#1. Define your content strategy

When you think about building a website, you often focus on what services or products you are going to sell. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, if you don’t design a good content strategy that goes hand in hand with your new site, it’s going to be much harder to turn your efforts into sales.

A content strategy it’s created so your potential customers know if what you are selling is what they need. You have to understand that most people that come to your website do so with a problem they are looking to solve, and it’s your job to find how to help them.

Because of that, no matter your niche, we (99% of the time) always recommend adding a blog to your website, here’s why:

A website is no longer enough to rank organically on search engines like Google and compete with similar businesses. Understanding what your audience needs, what they search on Google, and creating articles with those keywords will not only help them, but also position you for success.

Polax Content Strategy

#2. Focus on ranking your product / service landing pages

Ranking your landing pages it’s good, but if you can rank a product that’s directly solving a pain point and save one or two clicks for your users, you will see a higher conversion rate on those pages.

A good way to do this is searching for a relevant keyword and scrolling down the first page of Google to find related searches. People are using those keywords to find products like yours online.

#3. Build trust with your users

Once you get consistency in your web design and content, you need to keep two things in mind:

The first is to measure the results you are already achieving with your content strategy in order to detect which ones work best and replicate similar content that brings you more visits.

The second is to gain trust from your visitors so that they keep coming back and help you sell more.

Here are some tips for keeping your audience engaged

  • Invite them to subscribe to your blog, so they don’t miss any new content
  • Offer them the opportunity to become ambassadors for your brand, this works best on eCommerce sites
  • Offer them high-value content to solve a problem in exchange for a lead
  • Get backlinks from similar websites that rank higher than you

#4. Focus on the user experience

Something we really like to work here at Polax is the user experience. You have to understand that your results are tied with how the user feels when he comes to your website.

That’s why it’s really important you work on understanding your audience, buyer persona and use all the tools available to you to make them feel at home.

You can use the following examples in your content:

  • Ensure your texts are readable
  • Use short, visual paragraphs
  • Make sure you include your keywords in the first 50 words and at the end of the article
  • Use typographic variety in your titles to show visual hierarchy and optimize SEO

#5. Additional tips to keep in mind

Is it possible to rank higher than number 1 in Google?

It’s called ranking in Featured Snippets. We see it all the time when searching the net. Our organic position may be lower, but if you are able to position yourself here, you will stand out from the crowd.

You need to understand that Google has a favourite format for showing first results based on the keyword you want to rank for. The best way to detect this format is to analyse your keywords and identify what works best for each type of content and create it accordingly.

The format we recommend most because of how well it works are lists and tables.

Google search results

To summarize

  • Getting your web page ranked in Google will take time, because there are many factors to consider so that it appears in the first positions of search results
  • Having a successful website is possible, but requires constant upkeep, research, and strategy.
  • By making the right decisions, you can position your business in the top results of your city, helping you to sell more

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us help you.