Link building for new businesses

In recent years, SEO has become increasingly important due to the digital transformation.

There have been many brick-and-mortar businesses that have entered the world of e-commerce in order to survive and sell.

However, if you aren’t on the first page of Google results, no one will find your business. Therefore, link building strategies have become crucial for SEO and emerging businesses.

Marketer working on SEO.png

Link building is a powerful strategy for getting your website listed in the first results of search engines. The main objective is to improve the Domain Score of a domain.

Although at first glance we might think that any backlink is worth it, nothing could be further from the truth.

Search engines like Google value the anchor text, the link’s quality, whether it is a follow link or no follow link, whether it is from a site with a similar theme and many other factors.

It is critical to note that On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO strategies must be carried out in conjunction, since one would not make sense without the other.

Regardless of their intent, most people only visit the pages that rank high in the SERPs after conducting a search.

Therefore, the fundamental goal that is sought when implementing different link building strategies for SEO in general, is to achieve these positions.

Among all the link-building strategies for SEO, we recommend the following:

  • Guest blogging is a good alternative for getting quality links without resorting to artificial methods. In guest blogging, we write a post on another company’s blog and link to their website, and in return they write a post for our blog that we must publish.
  • Although this technique cannot be widely accepted, it is possible that if we find an article that we find interesting and that is relevant to our activity, we might comment on it and include a link to our website.
  • Companies are increasingly showcasing themselves on social networks, like TikTok. They improve visibility, interaction, and customer engagement. Thus, including links in different social networks leading to our website is a good way to generate engagement.

These are the link building strategies we recommend to new business here at Polax Digital as experts in web development and web optimization.