Google Analytics 4: everything you need to know

Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of the web analytics tool from Google, ready to use in your business website.

Our company, Polax Digital, is looking forward to this new version with open arms since not only will it allow a 360 degree view of the platform, but it will also allow predictive results, which are very beneficial for SEO / SEM strategy, social media and marketing in general.

An improvement like this will help greatly in anticipating and improving some points and strategies in the field of e-commerce.

One of the new features provided by this platform is to take into account the supposed preferences that the consumer will have in the near future using AI.

Google thus affirms that this new update to its web analytics platform answer the needs of its users in the face of the new consumer reality dictated by changes in consumer behaviour. The new functionalities are intended to make SEO and SEM decisions in businesses more automatic.

People making a website

Google Analytics G4, what’s new?

The new update uses Artificial Intelligence to make an estimation of future behaviour of the user, whether they are trends or possible needs of a certain type of product.

Moreover, this new web analytics tool allows users to predict results, income, clients, and even abandonment cart rates. Here at Polax Digital, we see this tool as somewhat of a crystal ball that will enable us to predict, broadly speaking, the behaviour of users.

A Google Ads integration makes it possible to create personalized audiences of greater value due to the personalization capabilities it will offer. This new integration will make user interactions with the brand more relevant and useful.

This new update allows full control of the customer life cycle, allowing us to offer a better view of the customer journey.

Additionally, it will be possible to analyse the interactions of users with different media and platforms, which plays into the favour of any SEO strategy, as it will avoid duplication and allow us to optimize positioning strategies.

Cookies and data protection are gone

According to Google, the data will be based on events, without necessarily having an associated ID, and informs that initially there will be some gaps in the data, but that thanks to machine learning, these gaps will be filled soon.

Additionally, Google Analytics 4 will have a feature that will allow advertisers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation regardless of whether they are following national or regional laws. Each website has its own mode of consent, which enables it to collect analytical data through explicit consent from the end user.

Advantages of Google Analytics G4

  • Increased control. Having control over your investment in digital marketing is an essential tool for any e-commerce business.
  • Future-ready. As we pointed out before, G4 uses Artificial Intelligence, making it a tool that is ready for any change that may occur.
  • Introducing new regulations. The platform will help vendors quickly adapt to user needs in compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Personalization of ads. By having more control over user data, all ads can be tailored in greater detail and SEO / SEM campaigns strategies can be selected with more precision.

And if you are looking for a digital agency in London that can improve your brand’s ranking in search engines with an SEO strategy and a good monitoring of all data… then you have come to the right place! Get in touch with us for more information!