Benefits of using WhatsApp Business for your company

In addition to being one of the most popular mobile applications, WhatsApp is also the second largest social network in the world. Despite its enormous popularity, they want to go one step further and become the corporate communication channel par excellence.

Thus, Meta created WhatsApp Business, a tool that facilitates day-to-day business and enables direct and fluid communication with consumers.

Which benefits does WhatsApp Business offer your business?

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business

Business profiles can help you build trust

Your business profile will help you project a professional image.

Add your company’s name, address, and description, as well as your website and email address. Thus, consumers can immediately identify who they are talking to or who they are sending messages to.

You can also share different content in a professional tone, which can help you gain the trust of users and convert them into clients.

WhatsApp Business also provides reliable delivery information so that you can see which messages have been delivered and read.

Information can be exchanged more quickly and directly with users

Among the benefits of WhatsApp Business is the ease and speed of exchanging information with users and customers.

The average email response time is 90 minutes, but the WhatsApp response time is just 90 seconds, according to Harvard Business Review.

Near-instantaneous responses, or the ability to engage in conversation in real time, drastically enhance communication and increase conversions.

Additionally, you can better manage incidents, solve problems, and improve customer satisfaction.

Secure your communications

Especially if you work on the Internet, data security should be a priority for your business.

WhatsApp Business offers a very secure encryption system that protects sensitive information as one of its benefits.

Due to the network’s end-to-end encryption, the content is only visible to the sender and recipients, without the possibility of third parties accessing it.

Moreover, with two-factor authentication built into the application, you can verify the identity of your contacts, a critical feature if you also use WhatsApp Business to recruit and select personnel for your company.

Facilitate internal communication within the company

WhatsApp Business is the ideal communication channel for the everyday tasks carried out in your business because it offers all the features of a private account, including the creation of groups and video calls.

WhatsApp Web is really useful in this context, since it simplifies the assignment and follow-up of tasks, making it easier to manage your team.

Automate messaging and create quick responses

In WhatsApp Business, a company account enables you to automate different messages for users, saving both time and resources.

When users contact you for the first time, you can create welcome messages, schedule absence messages, and automate notifications to inform customers about their orders.

You can also create quick responses with WhatsApp Business for your business. You can save important messages, so you can use them when other users ask the same question.

When you discover doubts or common questions about the products or services you provide, you can quickly respond by using this “quick responses” function.

Evaluate your strategy with analytics

One unique feature of WhatsApp Business compared to the private version is that it offers analytics.

Despite the fact that these are not very complete, they will allow you to keep track of the marketing and communication strategies you have adopted. As a result, you will be able to measure the impact of the messages and know how many people read them and at what time, allowing you to optimize your efforts and achieve the greatest return on investment.

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